Things are not trending upward for the Detroit Lions. The Lions, who lost 26-16 to the Vikings Sunday, looked like a drastically different football team to that of a year ago. And that’s not a good thing. Here are the grades for the Lions:

Offense: F

Something has to change on the offensive side of the ball for the Lions, starting with the offensive line. Stafford took multiple hits Sunday, and was constantly under pressure. To make things worse, the Lions never got their running game going, only rushing for a total of 38-yards. And the passing game wasn’t much better either. Receivers failed to get open, and often dropped catchable balls. The Lions also turned over the ball three times, killing scoring opportunities. With all the talent the Lions have on this side of the ball, they should be scoring much more than 16-points.

Defense: D+

The absence of DeAndre Levy to injury, and the departure of Ndamukong Suh this past off-season have definitely been noticed so far into the season. The defensive line put little pressure on Teddy Bridgewater, and failed to contain the Vikings rushing game, as Adrian Peterson rushed well over 100-yards. The Lions have now given up and average of 30-points per game this season so far. That must change if the Lions want to go anywhere.

Special Teams: B-

The only issue with the Lions special teams was allowing the Vikings to return a punt 34-yards. But other that they were solid as usual. Matt Prater was 1/1 on field goals and extra points.

Coaching: F

Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi did an awful job calling the shots on offense. Despite all the talent they have, he still failed to call plays utilizing the talent they have. Fans around the world have begun calling for his job. Teryl Austin did the best he could do with the talent he had.

The Lions hope to solve these issues and get their first win of the season next week vs. the Broncos on Sunday Night Football.