There has never been someone quite like him. He is the greatest at what he does, humbling to witness, and fascinating to observe. His skill has deservedly earned him the nickname “Megatron”. The highlight reels he creates, make even an elite receiver like Dez Bryant frustrated on the sideline, arguing with his teammates, asking why they can’t be more like him.
Calvin Johnson has brought the sport of football excitement. Young fans stare, admiring the flawlessness of Calvin Johnson. Even from his early years at Georgia Tech, Megatron delivered spectacular plays, almost unreal to the naked eye. His intensity is unchallenged, and his authority speaks volumes. No matter how you look at it, Calvin Johnson is the best receiver the NFL has ever had.

Numbers don’t lie, but they often don’t tell the whole truth either. Sure, comparisons mean something, however, the adversity that Johnson faced in his early years in the NFL is unparalleled. Jerry Rice and Randy Moss have produced better “numbers” than Calvin earlier on in their careers. Don’t forget, though, they had Hall of Fame quarterbacks to help them out. Calvin Johnson never had this. Before Matthew Stafford came along, Megatron never had a stable quarterback. Year after year, season after season, equaled a new hope for the Detroit Lions, one that came in the form of another quarterback. Not one succeeded, not Daunte Culpepper or Jon Kitna, not even Dan Orlovsky or Drew Stanton. Yet, Calvin seemed to be building up a superstar status in the NFL, an accomplishment neither Rice or Moss could commit to.

Now, after just recently turning 30 years of age, and retiring from the NFL there is no question whether Megatron is Megatron. He continuously breaks old records never thought to be touched. He makes cornerbacks stop and stare when he goes up for a ball thrown sky high. And you know how he got there. Simple, he understood what he needed to do, and persevered, without complaining about the quarterbacks he had. Experience has humbled him, and work ethic has driven him farther into the record books.

Calvin Johnson shows up to every game, ready to fight another battle, outjump another safety. He gives everything he has for the ones on the field with him, his teammates. Calvin does more for his team than any quarterback in the league, in fact, he supports and assists Matthew Stafford more than Matthew Stafford does for him. Johnson’s impact not only in the game of football, but also for his organization, is one that will forever be cherished.
We all need to approach the game of football like Calvin, with the mindset that you will leave everything you have on the field, and let whatever happens off the field, happen. Put in your hard work without complaint, and the numbers will show. Most importantly, be humble, it’s not about yourself, but what you can do to influence others and beneficiary of it. Play hard and you will succeed, but always let the statistics talk for themselves.

Recognize the little things, little things like Calvin Johnson. Because he won’t be around forever, and one day, you will get the opportunity to tell others that you were given the opportunity to watch the greatest football player in the history of the sport perform every Sunday, and unravel his legacy.