Lions linebacker Brandon Copeland is forever grateful for a second chance to play the game he loves.

“It’s life changing. It’s a grind, but I have a great opportunity ahead of me. Just last year I was sitting at my house on the couch pissed off that I had to watch film instead of actually playing. But now I have an opportunity to play and I have to keep that pissed off mentality every second of everyday,” Copeland told Detroit Lions Pro.

Yet, like he mentioned, Copeland knows he must continue to work hard and fight for a roster spot. Boasting one of, if not the best, linebacker corps. in the league, it will be tough if not impossible to crack the rotation, let alone steal a starting spot from Levy, Tulloch, Van Noy, and Whitehead.

“I’m focused on just learning the position. Coming out of college I was a defensive end, and learning the linebacker position has been tough, especially with my knee surgery six weeks  before my pro day a few years ago. But I’ve just had to make that adjustment, and I’m still making that adjustment. Right now I’m just focused on learning the SAM position and working my way through every linebacker position. I’ve always felt that I am versatile, especially with my speed, I’ve always had speed,” Copeland mentioned.

When asked about why he chose the Lions organization as his next home after receiving multiple offers from over a dozen teams, the former Titans linebacker didn’t stutter to answer.

“Both the coaching staff and the positive vibe of the organization were two big reasons why I chose Detroit. I wanted a coaching staff that believed in me and wanted to see me succeed, and knowing both Coach Teryl and Coach Caldwell from Baltimore really helped make my decision easier. Now going into training camp and preseason, I know I have coaches wanting the best for me. And I know that I have only been with the organization for a short period of time, but the vibe is positive here. Everyone and everything has a positive vibe to it and that helps with training and preparation.

But like I said, I’m going to stay pissed off and focused. I’m trying to catch up on film and study the position to get better. I want to get out there and play every moment I can because those who don’t, well they shouldn’t be athletes.”