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The Detroit Lions who have been struggling are going to benefit from the services of Ameer Abdullah. His services come just in time during their preseason game when they will be playing against Baltimore Ravens. With his arrival, NFL betting lines for Lions will change slightly.

Ameer shed the jersey he had been wearing at the entire time in the training camp when the Detroit Lions came back to practice for two days after suffering a depressing exhibition loss when they were playing against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Lion’s coach Jim Caldwell hilariously explained that the jersey was being washed. Abdullah emphatically confirmed that his shoulder that had undergone surgery was in better shape and he was ready and enthusiastic to make his much anticipated pre-season debut during the week.

He added that it was his desire to stage a professional and a clean game. He regretted having missed a lot of valuable snaps for the time he was away. He was eager to go in there and rejoin the other colleagues who have been playing for a number of weeks and admitted that he would whatever he will be asked to do and do whatever he needs to do .

Last year, Abdullah led the Lions as a rookie with 597 yards rushing. Unfortunately he tore his labrum in the left shoulder as the season was coming to an end and subsequently underwent a successful surgery in January.

The Lions have received a shot in the arm with Abdullah’s return. He is a very instrumental part of the team; he is the Lion’s clear cut number 1 running back and his team needs his services in the regular season.

Theo Riddick is best utilized as a receiver, the short-yardage job is up for grabs between Zach Zenner and Stevan Ridley both of whom suffered injuries and missed part of the last season. The Lion’s task of building an offensive line is still work in progress and rookie Taylor Decker is slated to start at left tackle.

Last year, Abdullah was the Lion’s primary kick returner and also led the team in all-purpose yardage. Caldwell established that he expects Abdullah to assume a similar role this fall like he did last year.

Caldwell was quick to admit that Abdullah has very unique and special traits which are not common occurrence making his role very pivotal in the team. Caldwell described Abdullah as a well-rounded player whose ability to run is unmatched and can make an opponent miss the ball. He reiterated that Abdullah’s presence in the team is very critical and places the team at a better position to compete.

Abdullah on the other hand pressed that it was incumbent upon him to ensure that the Lions stage a more effective and rewarding ground game in this fall. If this will be the case, the Lions will have made a complete overhaul of their fortune in comparison to last year when they finished at the tail end in the NFL in rushing.

Abdullah showed his appreciation for the way he was handled as he went throughout the ordeal and cited that it was his time to return the favor to the Lion’s team fraternity by doing what he is expected to do to ensure they succeed.